Sunday, 24 September 2017

Hello Youtube | My First Video

Yes you read correctly...I have started my own YouTube Channel 'Danie Mac' and uploaded my first YouTube Video! I'm quite excited about it...

My Youtube Channel is going to be a place for me to just be myself and enjoy making videos about the things that I love, enjoy and feel passionate about and share that with people and if return people enjoy watching my videos then that's just a bonus for me.

I don't want to go into too much depth about why I started Youtube, but I have wanted to do this for an extremely long time and contemplated pursuing it, I just never did... until now. 

The main basis of my channel is going to be Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle (I would also say baking or cooking...but I'm hopeless at doing either.) I want to create it to be a comfortable and cozy space for people to come and watch my videos and relax and maybe even learn a few tips or tricks from what I've learned about or taught myself that I can share to benefit other people. Even if it's as simple as 'how to do winged liquid eyeliner.' 

For my first video I decided to do a '50 Facts About Me' tag, just allowing all of you and whoever is watching to get to know me a bit better before wanting to watch any of my future videos, because my content isn't going to be everybody's cup of tea, I'm sure. I did also learn a lot of things about myself when planning out my video and filming it. So I got to know myself a bit better too.

So I hope you enjoy the video and i'm really excited about what the future holds for both my blog and my YouTube Channel and thank you for your support in reading my blog and watching my video, I really appreciate it.

Go and check it out HERE!

Danie xoxo

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