Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Rocking Rimmel | Kate 15 Year Collection

I'm a major fan of Rimmel Lipsticks as it is, but when I used these gorgeous lipsticks from Kate Moss's 15 year range of iconic nude and red lipsticks to celebrate 15 years of Rimmel, I was completely stunned that their lipsticks could be of even higher quality than their other formulas. 

Let's first talk about the packaging...
The range comes in the most gorgeous gold/rose gold casing and is one of those lipsticks that you want sitting on your dressing table or desk or even getting it out of you handbag to reapply your lipstick when you're out and about (don't lie...we all know all lipstick lovers do this, especially if you're one of them!)

The actual formula of the lipsticks are extremely creamy, however are closer to a satin finish than a lip balm finish. Despite the lipsticks being extremely moisturising they don't bleed into the fine lines around my mouth, which is a miracle! If you don't know what I mean by 'bleeding' it's when your lipstick smudges and runs outside of your natural lip line. 

The colours included in the range are: 'Rock 'n' Role Nude,' which is a pinky nude, 'Idol Red' which is a bright red with pink tones, 'My Nude' which is more of a peachy nude, 'Muse Red' which is a true red, 'Boho Nude' which is more of a brownish nude and 'Retro Red' which is a dark berry red. 

From the collection I picked up 'Muse Red,' 'Boho Nude' and 'Retro Red.' I have swatched them
to show you the true colouring of the lipsticks and how beautiful they actually are.

My personal favourite lipstick from the collection is 'Retro Red.' It is perfect for this autumnal time of year and even throughout winter and it just looks so so beautiful on. 

You can go and buy from the collection from any Superdrug, Boots, Asda, Tesco or online at Asos or Feel Unique.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please leave me a comment or share if you enjoyed and let me know what lipsticks you're loving at the moment.

Danie xoxo

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