Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Luxurious Lashes


Fake eyelashes aren't everyones cup of tea, some people find them very hard to apply, frustrating and just unnecessary. I however am not one of those people, and I know there's also a lot more people who love them just as much and more than I do. I don't wear fake eyelashes everyday, however for a special occasion, date night or an important event they really add glamour to a look.

I do believe when buying fake lashes there are qualities I look for to enable myself to enjoy them and feel confident and comfortable wearing them. This would include how easy the lashes are to apply, the quality of the lash (what they are made of), how many uses I can get out of them, how they compliment my eyes and that they are cruelty free!
I can honestly say I am so lucky to have found this stunning brand called Pink River London who sells the lashes that are my holy grail, (and not to mention that they come with gorgeous packaging and classy clear box to store your lashes in) and I wanted to share that with you. Every single pair of their lashes are extremely affordable (from £5.99), of high quality, easy to apply, easy to wear, cruelty free and you're able to use multiple times. They are basically every quality you look for in a pair of fake lashes and they have a pair of lashes to suit every lash lover!
My personal favourites are the Mink lashes, specifically the 'Angel' lashes, as they are lightweight and fluttery on the eyes, that give me a very feminine look that can be worn day or night. You can see me wearing and raving about them on my Instagram!
I truly love this brand and they have been kind enough to provide me with a discount code for people who read my blog and follow my social media to go and buy yourself a pair or however many pairs you want with 15% off using the code 'Daniemac'

Get Your Lashes Here:

I hope you enjoy and love these lashes as much as I do and thank you once again to Pink River London for providing the discount code for my readers and social media followers, I really appreciate it.
I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoy your new lashes, please send me and Pink River London your pictures, we'd love to see them!
Danie x

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